Streets of Tarkov Map: A Comprehensive Guide

Escape from Tarkov, developed by Battlestate Games, is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. Among its numerous maps, “Streets of Tarkov” stands out as a highly anticipated urban battleground, bringing new layers of complexity and excitement to the game. This guide will provide a detailed overview of the Streets of Tarkov map, including key locations, strategies, and frequently asked questions to help you navigate this challenging environment.

Introduction to Streets of Tarkov


Streets of Tarkov is an urban map set in the heart of Tarkov City. Unlike the rural and industrial settings of other maps, this urban landscape is dense with buildings, alleyways, and complex structures, providing a unique challenge for players. The map is rich in detail, featuring a blend of residential, commercial, and administrative buildings, each with its own strategic importance.

Map Layout

The layout of Streets of Tarkov is intricate, with numerous points of interest (POIs) scattered throughout. The map is designed to offer a variety of combat scenarios, from close-quarters combat in apartment buildings to long-range engagements in open streets. Key landmarks include hotels, banks, grocery stores, and residential complexes, each offering different loot opportunities and strategic advantages.

Key Locations

1. Concordia Hotel

The Concordia Hotel is a multi-story building with numerous rooms and hallways, perfect for ambushes and intense firefights. It offers high-tier loot but is also a hotspot for player encounters.

2. Financial Institution

This building serves as the central bank of Tarkov City. It’s heavily guarded by Scavs and Scav Raiders but provides lucrative loot such as cash, valuable documents, and high-end weaponry.

3. Pinewood Apartments

These residential buildings are densely packed with lootable apartments. They provide excellent cover and vantage points, making them ideal for snipers and players looking to ambush unsuspecting opponents.

4. Tarkov Mall

The mall is a large, multi-level complex featuring numerous stores. It’s a treasure trove for looters but also a dangerous area due to its open spaces and numerous entry points.

5. Construction Site

A partially constructed skyscraper that offers excellent verticality. It’s a prime spot for snipers but also a deathtrap if you’re caught in the open by an enemy with a height advantage.

6. Streets and Alleyways

The interconnecting streets and narrow alleyways of Tarkov are perfect for ambushes and quick getaways. Knowing these paths can make the difference between life and death.

Strategies for Success

Scav Runs

Scav runs on Streets of Tarkov can be incredibly profitable due to the high concentration of valuable loot. Focus on areas with dense loot spawns like the Tarkov Mall or the Financial Institution. However, be prepared for fierce competition from other players.

Player Runs

For PMC runs, having a clear plan is crucial. Identify your target locations based on your current objectives and plan your route to avoid the most dangerous areas. Use the urban environment to your advantage by utilizing buildings for cover and ambush points.

Team Play

Playing in a squad can significantly increase your chances of survival. Coordinate with your team to cover multiple angles and communicate effectively to avoid friendly fire. Utilize the map’s verticality and complex structures to set up defensive positions and ambush points.

Solo Play

Solo players need to be cautious and strategic. Avoid high-traffic areas unless you’re confident in your combat skills. Use the map’s numerous hiding spots and escape routes to your advantage, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What makes Streets of Tarkov different from other maps?

Streets of Tarkov is unique due to its urban setting, offering a dense and complex environment compared to the more open and rural maps like Woods or Shoreline. The map’s design encourages varied combat scenarios, from close-quarters combat in buildings to long-range engagements in open streets.

2. What are the best loot spots on Streets of Tarkov?

The best loot spots include the Concordia Hotel, the Financial Institution, and the Tarkov Mall. These locations offer high-tier loot but are also heavily contested, so proceed with caution.

3. How can I improve my chances of survival on this map?

Familiarize yourself with the map layout, key locations, and popular player routes. Use the urban environment to your advantage by taking cover in buildings and setting up ambushes. Playing with a squad can also greatly increase your survival chances.

4. What are some effective strategies for scav runs?

For scav runs, target high-loot areas like the Tarkov Mall and Financial Institution. Move quickly but cautiously to gather loot and avoid confrontations with PMCs. Knowing the extract points and quickest routes to them is crucial for a successful scav run.

5. How does the map’s verticality affect gameplay?

The verticality of Streets of Tarkov adds a new dimension to gameplay. Buildings with multiple floors and rooftops provide excellent vantage points for snipers but also require careful navigation to avoid getting ambushed. Use height to your advantage but be mindful of players above and below you.

6. Are there any unique features or hazards on this map?

Streets of Tarkov features several unique elements, such as destructible environments and interactive objects like elevators and locked doors that require keys. Hazards include heavily guarded areas with Scav Raiders and the risk of getting lost in the maze-like streets and alleyways.

7. What is the recommended loadout for this map?

A balanced loadout is recommended, with a focus on versatility. An assault rifle with a scope for medium to long-range engagements, a secondary weapon like a shotgun or SMG for close quarters, and plenty of medical supplies. Armor and a helmet are essential due to the high likelihood of encounters.

8. How do I handle PvP encounters in this urban environment?

PvP encounters in Streets of Tarkov can be intense and unpredictable. Use cover effectively, communicate with your team, and try to outmaneuver your opponents using the map’s complex layout. Listening for footsteps and other audio cues is crucial in this urban setting.

9. What are the best extraction points on the map?

Some of the best extraction points include the Evacuation Zone, Sewer River, and the Underground Parking. These extraction points are spread across the map, so knowing their locations relative to your position is crucial for a successful escape.

10. How can I avoid getting ambushed?

To avoid ambushes, move cautiously and use the environment to your advantage. Stick to cover, avoid open streets when possible, and constantly scan your surroundings. Traveling with a squad and maintaining good communication can also help prevent ambushes.


The Streets of Tarkov map in Escape from Tarkov offers a unique and challenging experience for players. Its urban setting, intricate layout, and numerous points of interest provide endless opportunities for intense combat and lucrative loot runs. By familiarizing yourself with the map, utilizing effective strategies, and preparing for various combat scenarios, you can navigate the streets of Tarkov with confidence and increase your chances of survival.

Remember, success in Tarkov often comes down to preparation and adaptability. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the urban jungle of Streets of Tarkov will test your skills and strategic thinking. Good luck, and stay safe out there!

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